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June 23, 2004
Contact: Doug Pryke

ECF: The Sustainable Technology - Quality Paper, Clean Environment

-- AET's Executive Director Speaks
to Gravure Association of America's Environmental Workshop --

WASHINGTON, June 24, 2004) - AET released today and posted on its website, ECF: The Sustainable Technology - Quality Paper, Clean Environment. This innovative 9-page brochure provides publishers, catalogers, retailers, and printers a simple, easy to grasp, summary of the environmentally sustainable attributes of ECF bleaching technology. Elemental Chlorine Free or ECF process - based on chlorine dioxide (ClO2) as the bleaching agent - is the world standard for bleaching.

Douglas C. Pryke, Executive Director of AET, presented and released the brochure at the recent Gravure Association of America's (GAA) Environmental Workshop during a session on "Clean Production." GAA is a technical and research organization that promotes, develops, and maintains the advancement of the gravure processing and printing process. The document was well received. "I finally understand the bleaching issue," said Dick Dunnington, Executive Director of the Gravure Association of America. Many other attendees echoed his sentiment.

The document discusses ECF's key role in Minimum Impact Manufacturing, it's proven pollution prevention record, compatibility with sustainable eco-systems, and market leading position. "Our goal was to simplify the complex issues surrounding bleaching and provide a user-friendly format for papermakers and users alike," said Pryke. "Given the audience response, it looks like we hit the mark."

Hard copy versions of ECF: The Sustainable Technology - Quality Paper, Clean Environment are available by contacting AET at 1-(800)-999-PULP or by downloading the PDF online at AET's web site. Included with the brochure is a CD loaded with the peer-reviewed scientific foundation upon which ECF's unrivalled reputation is built.

The Alliance for Environmental Technology is an international association of chemical manufacturers dedicated to improving the environmental performance of the pulp and paper industry.